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All struggles are opportunities for transformation to new life. (Listen to my song “Heal Me” by clicking HERE) (Find out more about my new album project and/or help support it by clicki…

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Do We Really Understand the Depth of God’s Mercy?

Just Traci

I have heard the term “Thank God for God’s Grace and Mercy” my whole life but until you become consciously aware of the depth of what that means it doesn’t quite have the same impact. I think about God’s Grace and Mercy almost every day, in fact, it often carries me through my day. Every time we get into our vehicles to go about our day is usually my first thought. You know every day starts out normal for most people, it is often during that time that something changes the course of their entire life. You know what I mean especially if you have experienced tragedy, and oh, if you live long enough, you will experience it.! I remember one time vividly when my son was about seven or eight years old, darted out in front of a car and thank God, it stopped in time  and did not…

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Reflections from the Lamp: Remembering Elisabeth Elliot

Living Our Days

I have read Elisabeth Elliot’s A Lamp for My Feet at least a half dozen times in the past twenty years, but turned to it again at the outset of 2015.  Like an old friend, its words are familiar to me, and my copy is underlined and dog-eared and covered with scrawled verse references.  It’s a simple little book based on Elisabeth Elliot’s own personal devotions with six months of daily reflections on whatever Scripture she happened to be reading at the time.

Although I own and have read (and re-read) nearly everything Elisabeth has written, this book is in my top three, and in many ways, I have been mentored through her writing. I began reading her books with a dictionary nearby — her vocabulary far surpassed mine.  I have never met her, although I did go to hear her speak once, but was, frankly, too intimidated to go to the book table…

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Memorizing the Mind of God

Living Our Days

“I want to keep it handy in case I need it,” she said, matter-of-factly.

She wasn’t talking about a flashlight.

Not a package of tissues.

Not a cell phone – they hadn’t been invented in 1978.

She was talking about Isaiah 55.

“I liked it,” she went on.  “So I memorized it.”

“Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost.
Why spend money on what is not bread,
and your labor on what does not satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
and you will delight in the richest of fare.”

The words poured from her lips, because they were, indeed, handy, and although the pale yellow V.W. Rabbit continued on its way south down Route 1, I had been stopped in my tracks…

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Will You Recognize His Voice?

Just Traci

Have you ever had a friend who only called you when they wanted something? It didn’t just happen to you once in a while, but several times. How did that make you feel? I am sure if you are like most of us, you got to the point that you did not want much to do with that person. It would be for me a combination of hurt, anger, confusion and maybe other feelings that you did not even realize you had, but not a good feeling!

Imagine how God must feel sometimes? Knowing that God loves us more than anything and even sent his own Son to die for our sins, I couldn’t even imagine. We do that too Him quite often! Our relationship with Him is often based on the circumstances in our own lives. God created us for relationship with Him!

We know that Jesus experienced every…

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Thin Within Book Study

Now what?

1. What has God been doing in your life through this study…if you haven’t yet (or even if you have), how about taking time to praise and thank him for any spiritual, emotional, or physical changes.

2. Will you take a moment (or longer!) to pray about the possibility of leading an online group through the book (you can use my videos or create your own) and/or leading a live group? I will meet with live group leaders for conference calls twice a month. Please pray about these opportunities.

3. Where will you go next to get the support you need? There is a workbook 1 class starting on January 4th…Monday. This group will remain open for a while longer, too…probably somewhat indefinitely.

4. How could we improve the “class” experience?

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Chapter 30

Thin Within Book Study


1. How have you seen the Lord at work in your life during the course of this study?

2. What surprises have you had? What blessings, joys?

3. Did you compare the survey “My Relationship with God and My Relationship with Myself” that you did today with the one you did on Day Two? What changes in your view of God have taken place? What changes in your view of yourself? What didn’t change that you hoped would have? What can you yet do to facilitate the changes you desire?

4. Journal how you feel about food, your body, your goals, this study. Honestly ask the Lord what you should do in the days ahead…ask Him to reveal His will. Consider sharing your thoughts.

On Wednesday I will post another set of questions for wrap up and a video. It isn’t over yet!

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Chapter 29

Thin Within Book Study

Remaining Steadfast in His Embrace 

Note: Many of us arrive at Day 29 feeling like we need to start over…That is perfectly normal and acceptable. Just don’t minimize the fact that these 29 days have NOT been wasted. God HAS been working in it all. Even if you haven’t yet seen “progress” on your weight goals, He is laying a foundation upon which you can build yet in the days ahead. There is nothing wrong with going back over the material once Day 30 comes and goes.

1. What kind of community involvement do you have with other believers who support you in your relationship with Christ and to grow in Him? Consider getting involved with other believers if you don’t have this kind of support now.

2. On pages 308-309, we read the following: Authentic worshipers experience absolute healing. As deep as runs our confusion, so much deeper runs…

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Chapter 28

Thin Within Book Study

Complete in His Tenderness Part 2

1. The authors state four things at the bottom of page 296 that will result in experiencing the rest that Christ promises in the midst of our bustling lives. Which of these four things do you struggle with the most? Why do you think this is the case?

2. How does procrastination actually contribute to your weariness and vulnerability? What are some things you struggle with procrastinating about?

3. Did you adjust your schedule to insert things you have been procrastinating about?

4. What are some things you can do to relax? Did you adjust your schedule to insert activities that can allow you to experience refreshment and recreation?

5. How do you feel about your newly revised schedule? If you didn’t do the scheduling activity from Days 27 and 28, consider evaluating why. Is there an unwilling spirit? Does it seem to be…

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Chapter 27

Thin Within Book Study

Complete in His Tenderness Part 1

1. At the bottom of page 287, the authors say “When we are weary, we are vulnerable—vulnerable to flesh-filled eating, vulnerable to focusing on performance instead of God’s provision, and vulnerable to turning to temporary gratification rather than to the true life-sustaining satisfaction found only in Him.” How have you noticed that this is true for you? What have you done about it? What could you do about it?

2. Evaluate reason #1 that we tend to become weary: “We invest ourselves in things that are not part of God’s plan.” Did you find any of these in your schedule as you evaluated?

3. Evaluate reason #2 that we tend to become weary: “We invest ourselves in godly activities beyond God’s plan.” Did you find any of these in your schedule as you evaluated?

4. Evaluate reason #3 that we tend to become weary:…

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